Book a Speaker at the Cutting Edge of Health and Wellness 

I teach top level executives and corporate HR leads how to incorporate a holistic wellness leadership approach that results in a happier and higher functioning workplace.

When I speak at your event, my goal is to bring in my big picture perspective with my experience in wellness as well as corporate to connect with your vision for your company and employees. 

I have 3 distinct speaking engagement options to choose from, and more... 

Each one is designed to demonstrate how you can already incorporate a holistic wellness approach that results in higher functioning work places.

Speech Topic: The Impact of Food on Performance

The way we eat has a major impact on how we feel day in and day out. 

Knowing how to feel and stay nourished is a must, and it’s too often overlooked! Food is the fuel for our “engine.” If that fuel is inconsistent or low in quality, the energy depletes even faster"

In this talk, I will go over so much more than nutrition. You’re going to learn how to build in a nourishment practice at work that addresses:

- The importance of changing how you eat, not just what you eat. 

- How to plan a day-long nutritional plan that will lead to sustained energy levels.

- How to feed your body based on your personal needs and rhythm.

- How to incorporate this all into your day-to-day life.


Speech Topic: Stepping Into a Winning Mindset

In a world where success is often measured by more than just tangible achievements, the power of our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes cannot be understated. Every step towards our goals begins with a thought, every triumph emerges from a belief, and every victory is born from an attitude of unwavering determination.

Scientific research has unequivocally demonstrated that cultivating a winning mindset is not just a motivational concept, but a proven catalyst for unlocking greater success in every facet of life.

In this keynote, I will be emphasizing on:

  1. Mastering Your Mindset for Success: Understand the profound impact of your mindset on your journey towards success. Learn how to identify and shift limiting beliefs that hinder progress, replacing them with empowering thoughts that fuel achievement.

  2. Resilience as a Catalyst for Triumph: Embrace resilience as a core trait of winners. Discover how to navigate challenges with a positive outlook, bouncing back stronger and using setbacks as stepping stones toward your goals.

  3. Cultivating Consistent Growth: Uncover the power of continuous growth. Develop habits, strategies, and a growth-oriented mindset that lead to consistent improvement, propelling you forward in your personal and professional endeavors.


Speech Topic: Customized to Meet Your Company’s or Event’s Need

If what you’re looking for is a great match for what I can offer, let’s talk about customizing a talk to meet your company’s needs. 

Here are some topics we can explore: 

  1. Stress Mastery 
  2. Nutrition and How We Eat
  3. Mindfulness at work
  4. How to Create a Holistic Wellness Based Culture 

Important to know: 

  • We need to have an onboarding call to discuss your organization’s specific needs. 
  • The final speech topic needs to be decided 30 days before your event